I was born in Spain in 1980 and have lived here most of the time except for five years I spent in New York in my mid twenties; It was then that I started painting following a friend’s insight. At the beginning I was an outsider or naif artist. This changed when I applied for a painting workshop with Antonio López; being around him and other painters in several workshops  over the  years,  helped me to become more aware and paint more truthfully to the way I see.

The trigger for my paintings are introspective sensations and thoughts which appear suddenly or over time. I give them shape as internal images and translate them through photography. This will be the reference to make the final painting using a projector and grids. Other times I paint from life assembling things or asking people to pose on a scene. As I learn more about the technique I am careful to keep that fluky initial impulse that drove me to paint from nothing.

I have lately come to see my work as an ongoing memoir and after some analysis I can see that all my paintings spring from challenging emotions and the efforts to soothe them.

This site includes a selection of my artworks since 2012. Most of them are medium or large oil on canvas paintings. The exact measures are specified underneath each image.  If the painting is up for sale, a link will be included redirecting you to the marketplace handling the purchase. It is also possible to buy art prints of most of my paintings.

If you wish to purchase directly from me, please follow this link or contact me