This is one of my first oil paintings and came to be out of recurring dissapointments at close  interaction; probably as a result of my social confusion and child-like nature. 

I thought of the Spanish saying “Don’t ask an elm for pears”, which is similar to “Trying to get blood out of a stone” . 

So, I figured I could bring a pear to a park where there was an elm to hang it and take some pictures.

Apparently, the Greeks started using elms to hold vines, and became a common practice with the Romans. This expression in particular comes from a Latin poet.
So, if you found fruit on an elm, it could only be grapes.

I feel contentment while looking at this small painting. It has been hanging in my home for some years and I recently decided to make it available for purchase.

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to get it for 500 euros (shipping included) or buy it through Artfinder following this link

This site includes a selection of my artworks since 2012; mostly medium or large oil on canvas paintings.  If they are available, a link underneath each picture will take you to the selling platform.  It is possible to buy the paintings as art prints and  I take commissions as well.

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